benefit benefit benefit benefit
  • Never miss a phone call again!
  • Don't pay sick leave, annual leave, superannuation or wages
  • Sick? Let us call your clients on your behalf and reschedule all of your appointments that morning
  • No shows are a thing of the past - we can automate reminders via email and SMS to notify your clients of their appointment.
  • We can input all of your breaks and holidays into your diary, giving you that extra time to focus on more important tasks
  • Your Virtual Assistant will ensure that any cancellations are filled from your waiting list before you even notice that there has been one
  • Keeping you in the loop, we can inform you of any last minute changes to your schedule via email, sms or on our chat feature
  • At Accountant Assistant we don't take lunch breaks! Our Virtual Assistant will always be attending to your calls
  • Your clients speak to an actual person not a recorded message, giving it that personal, but also professional touch
  • Accessibility - You and your employees can check your days appointments anytime from anywhere, with a simple login from your own website
  • Working from multiple locations can be a breeze
  • Find your client details and booking information in the one place
  • No more paper trails and messy filing cabinets - Our Virtual Calendar/Diary System gives you the ability to leave client appointment notes
  • Never upgrade your software again! Our 'cloud-based' system is regularly updated so you'll never be left behind
  • Our online booking option makes it possible for your clients to book appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without having to pick up the phone. The opportunities are Endless! Dont be left behind, booking online is the way of the future